MRL developed a service for measuring consumers' media consumption, wherever they are and throughout their day, in a non-intrusive 'lean back' approach, as far as the participants using MRL's technology are concerned.

The service, which is a software-based solution, spans across consumer mobile devices and back-end computing resources which are either physically located in a market research company’s IT center, or in the cloud.

Connection and interaction amongst the different dispersed parts of the system, as well as the actual data gathering, are performed over the wireless internet. The service is carried out in a highly resilient and secured manner, eliminating the need for any physical connection to, nor dependencies on infrastructure, configuration and maintenance.

The system is designed in a way that permits large-scale deployments, enabling intense measurement scenarios in an effective and real-time manner, providing metrics creation on the fly.

MRL licenses its technology services and supports them, MRL's customers either manage on their own the consumer panels (consumers who agree to participate) or outsource this activity to a market research company.

MRL's server-side can be placed at the customers' own IT centers, or it can be a part of the services MRL provides in a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) mode of operation.

In SaaS mode, computational elements are located in the cloud, provided for within the license agreement, eliminating the need for system administration capabilities on the customer side. This, in turn, can ease ROI considerations and allow MRL's customers to benefit from the inherited elasticity and flexibility of the cloud.

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